VW T6 Camper Interior

You have decided to buy a Volkswagen Transporter and convert it to a campervan – there are so many options to consider, the trim level, engine, gross weights? So where do you start?

Volkswagen introduced three main levels of trim some years ago, Startline being the base model, Trendline and HighLine and although over the years the spec has changed slightly the Highline boasts the highest spec of all three with Colour coded bumpers, Alloy wheels, Aircon, upgraded stereo, leather steering wheel and so on…



Then we have Gross Weight – What is that you may ask? Well is it the maximum operating weight recommended by the manufacturer, including the vehicle, drivers, passengers and any contents/luggage.  This is referred to as T26, T28…T32 etc T28 = 2800kg and T30 = 3000kg – you get the idea!

Finally, one of the main things I hear from people is that the engines are all the same??? Well yes they are 2.0 engines but its the horsepower you want to consider.  Many ex fleet vans are 102 or 104 BHP and some converters choose this engine as it tends to be much cheaper to buy, but our preference is the 140 BHP or as the new T6 has 150 BHP – it has that little bit more poke and doesn’t struggle like some of the lower BHP models.

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