New e-Golf

Electric cars are filling the roads thick and fast… a neighbour round the corner has an electric point at home and we even have an electric point in the local Carpark in #Camelford – so when I noticed this review by Keith Adams for Parkers, and being a Volkswagen, I thought i’d check it out.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and pretty soon, the commercial market is going to be on the radar of these car designers.

£3 for a 120 mile journey would certainly help in today’s economy and help those businesses affected by the ever increasing cost of diesel prices at the pump.

Not to mention when they start to look at electric for Motorhomes – what a dream it would be to drive up to Scotland on £15 worth of fuel…

I know its not a camper related story, but its a VW after all, so I thought i’d share Keith’s article

The Parkers verdict We like the Volkswagen e-Golf. If you’re after an electric car, but don’t want to delve into an unfamiliar world, this is the best way of doing it. All the best facets of the e-Golf are shared with the standard Golf – its easy-going nature, quality interior, decent dynamics and classless image hold true for a 1.0 SE or GTI.

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