Something that we get asked about alot is T4 and T5 rock and roll beds and why are crash tested beds so expensive. The answer….testing. Many go through rigourous testing to ensure that in the event of an accident the seat gives you the greatest chance of survival and safety.

Does it mean then that all beds that have seatbelts have been tested? The short answer is No, unfortunately not all go through the same testing, some no testing at all, others can are fully crash tested. In some cases your Insurance company may not insure you if the bed has not been through testing. An MOT does not mean that the bed is safe, only that the seatbelts have been tested.

So, the answer is to check with your supplier, do not assume that if seatbelts are on the picture that it has been tested. Ask questions, what tests have been carried out, do you have paperwork?.

The current MOT only checks that the belts are working, it does not check how the bed has been fitted or if it suitable to transport people.

Therefore even if the van has an MOT and the bed was fitted, it does not mean that your bed is designed for passengers. So always ask the question, before you part with your hard earned money. Also check with your insurance company as some will only cover you for crash tested rock and roll beds, or which have been installed by a professional installer.

The moral of this story is to ask questions of your supplier, there are some great companies out there willing to share their experience with you, to explain how their beds are put together and tested. Make sure you understand what you are buying and how its been tested and ensure any modification including a rock and roll bed has been checked with your insurance company.

Be safe…..

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