Okay, so when you want to convert your van to a camper, what steps do you have to take….Kustom Interiors helps you with this brief overview…

1) Ensure the van looks more like a camper than a van – this will help your case when applying for change of body. If the police cant distinguish then you will end up getting re-classified as a window van – our last couple of vans have featured 2 sliding windows, passenger and driver and the tailgate glazed

2) Ensure you have a minimum of a 6th Bed

3) Cupboards are essential, storage and wardrobe

4) Running water, with a minimum of 10litres (check with your insurance some require bigger onboard tanks) and for safety, you must get a Gas certificate (although this isnt essential for the DVLA)

5) Table – in a T5 its practically impossible to have a fixed table, but it has to be secured whilst travelling

6) When writing to the DVLA, explain who has converted the vehicle, a brief overview of the “camper interior” and remember if you have increased seat capacity, add it on the form…

7) Enclose several photos, front, rear, both sides, and a couple of the internal conversion

and finally, it helps to fit some type of Awning, we recommend the Fiamma awnings as they can be fixed permanently to the vehicle and give you that added space when the weather isnt favourable – many can be whipped out in only a minute!

Obviously every van is different and it’s down to the DVLA to confirm if your van can be changed….the above is just a guide to how best to present your van

Our Ducato has made it through and is now classed as a Motor Caravan, ensuring that we can insure as a camper and have those personal belongings insured as well. If you need insurance there are a number of good companies out there – we’ve plumped for Camping & Caravan Club this year

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