Rock & Roll Beds and Seating

We can supply and fit most Rock and Roll bed Systems and Seating as part of your camper conversion or upgrade.

We will usually have stock of both T2 RHD and LHD 3/4 beds and also the T4,T5 & T6 Smart Bed Evolution.

The Smart Bed Evolution 2

The Smart Bed Evolution 2 3/4 width, pull tested bed to 76/115/EEC/2005 and with our ease of use operating system and innovative reclining mechanism as standard.

The new Smart Bed Evolution 2 not only has the same ease of use operation as the original but also now has a reclining system to increase passenger comfort. This new innovation was a result of our customer driven development programme, which insures that we stay at the forefront of rock and roll bed design.

The Smartbed Evolution 2 features new uprated slides so no more front support legs. This allows even greater access to the generous under bed storage space.

SmartBeds pride themselves on high quality construction, safety and innovative design, which has been the key to the ever growing Smartbeds popularity.

Smartbeds, the original and still the best. Accept no imitations. They are out there.

The Smart Bed Evolution Full Width

The Full Width Evolution is a 3 seat version of our very popular Smart Bed Evolution. It has been pull tested to 76/115/EEC/2005 M1. It features the same revolutionary ease of operation mechanism and reclining as all of our beds.

These systems were developed by Smart Beds and although emulated by others they have never been bettered.

The bed went through a pull in excess of 10 tons during the test and passed with flying colours.

The Smart Bed Standard 3/4

The Smart Bed is the only non pull-tested bed in the range. It has our unique “EASE OF USE OPERATING” feature as standard making the bed simple to restore to the seating position. The beds operates smoothly on high quality Accuride sliders and is of steel construction. The frame is fully powder coated for a high quality finish offering increased durability over paint, and has smooth aesthetically formed contoured corners eliminating the sharp and ugly traditional square corners too, common on other beds.

Although initially designed for the Volkswagen Transporter T4 and T5 the bed has proved popular in a variety of vehicles, so please just ask if you have specific requirements.

The Smartbed is available in 3/4 width only. (Reclining system is an optional extra.)

T2 3/4 Rock and Roll bed

The 3/4 Width Rock and Roll frame has been designed with quality and attention to detail in mind. For the last 10 years we have been supplying Bluebird rock and roll beds with the interiors we supply and this bed is an interpretation of that Devon style bed. The design incorporates easy pull front handles.

The rock and roll bed incorporates a simple ‘rock and roll’ action, meaning the back seat of your camper can be converted into a fully operational bed in a matter of seconds. The durable steel framework is easy to install and also provides excellent under seat storage. Available to fit Split Screen,T2 Bay Window and T25 campers in both right and left hand drive.

Please call us before ordering to discuss your exact requirements

Box Buddy Seat

The box buddy seat features a lift off lid, and can be supplied with or without upholstery

Front Wardrobe with Flip Out Buddy seat

The Front Wardrobe with Flip out buddy seat comes with or without an upholstered pad, has two side opening doors and a hanging rail.  It features a single or double folding buddy seat.

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